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Welcome to Liquid Customs, Canada's premier hydrographics destination since 2011. As a family-owned company, we lead the industry with top-notch hydrographic services, unparalleled training programs, and quality supplies – all at incredible prices.

Dive into the artistry of water transfer printing with us, where expertise meets innovation.

Liquid Customs is Canada's premier hydrographics destination since 2011. As a family-owned company, we lead the industry with top-notch hydrographic services, unparalleled training programs, and quality supplies – all at incredible prices.

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March 19th - May 15th


Spring has sprung at Liquid Customs! Gear up the season with great deals on our great collection of Hydrographic prints!

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Canada's #1 Hydrographics Company!

Liquid Customs, born from a garage-bound passion for creativity and craftsmanship, emerged in the hydrographics arena with a fervent dedication to excellence. Founded by a visionary entrepreneur, the company swiftly transitioned from its modest origins to a thriving enterprise, culminating in the inauguration of its inaugural Edmonton storefront. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality, Liquid Customs expanded its reach across Canada, solidifying its reputation as a premier provider of hydrographic solutions. With nearly 13 years of industry leadership, our brand continues to set standards for excellence, driven by innovation and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Led by our visionary owner, Liquid Customs remains steadfast in its mission to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art, poised for continued growth and innovation in the dynamic landscape of hydrographics.

Hydrographic Dealerships

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In 2024, Liquid Customs offers a unique opportunity for visionary individuals and business owners to dive into the world of hydrographic services. Beyond a business venture, it’s an exciting journey into Water Transfer Printing. Join our community, where creativity meets craftsmanship, and turn your passion into a thriving enterprise. With top-notch support, comprehensive training, and quality supplies, Liquid Customs empowers you to redefine artistry standards and make your mark in a world where every dip tells a unique story.

Seize this chance to shape your destiny, unlocking creativity, success, and unparalleled customization. Don’t miss out on being a part of something extraordinary.

The Package

Some of the things included in the dealership package include:

9ft Stainless tank
Hydrographic films
All Primers & paints
All tools & supplies
One week of training
Website listing
Dealership pricing
...and more!

Customer Reviews

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about work done at our Liquid Customs Dealership locations. From breathtaking hydrographic transformations to comprehensive training programs, our clients consistently praise us for exceeding expectations.

Great experience with the work this shop does. Best place to get anything dipped hands down. Excellent price and service. Quality work and Bobby is so knowledgeable, professional, super friendly and highly recommended. Loyal customer here and I will be back with lots more pieces.

Gerald Lopez
Google Review

They are a busy little place with amazing quality work. I contacted them about getting a custom hardhat done up they were very honest with any questions i had and answered them with no hesitation. The quality of of work blew me away it looks amazing thanks again guys!!!

Ryan W
Google Review

Amazing work done by Liquid CustomsπŸ‘ Bobby did my gtr r35 engine cover and turned out better than I expected. Good price and good quality work. I highly recommend them πŸ‘Œ

Raynel Lopez
Google Review

Our Most Popular Patterns

Explore our extensive online store and discover the hottest trends in hydrographic prints! From mesmerizing patterns to vibrant colors, our curated collection showcases the most popular designs.

No Evil


Hear, See and Speak NO Evil – try any base color to make this print pop!



The most detailed Lightning print we have ever used, use any base color to make these bolts take effect.

Gamblers Luck


Gambling on this print is a Win-Win for everyone. This new limited edition print is amazing!



Bet your odds on this amazing print. So much detail and a transparent back for any base color.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, the products that are used in water print transfer are the same as those utilized in the automotive industry such as the primer, paint and clear coats. This in turn giving the parts the protection they need from the weather, sun(fading) or the constant use in the great outdoors. Water Transfer printing is used to put a long lasting pattern and coating on your parts so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.
Yes, patterns can be change multiple times if needed.
This ranges from metals, woods, fiberglass, ceramics, glass, plastics, pretty much what ever the imagination can think of.
The price varies from one item to the next. This is directly affected by the size, preparation time and complexity of the part that is having the graphic applied to it.
Yes, this can be done with the majority of the patterns offered. There are some camouflage patterns that have a set base coat set by the manufacturer that needs to be used.
Yes, all parts or items that are to have graphics applied to them need to be completely disassembled and cleaned. When shipping the parts/items please ensure that they are sent in a secure package and has ample amount of packing paper/bubble wrap etc., to insure that all parts and items have the least amount of risk of damage during the shipping process. Liquid Customs is not responsible for lost or damaged items during shipping.
Find Passion in 2024

Hydrographic Dealerships

Ease your way into a new career by joining Liquid Customs and get all of the tools, equipment, and in-person training you need to become an expert in Hydrographics. Do not miss out!

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