So, you want to start up a business or maybe your looking to expand your current business to a whole new level. You have heard amazing things about Hydrographics and you're ready to take the next step. Or maybe you haven’t heard much about Hydrographics, but your business is looking for a next level opportunity. Whichever the case Liquid Customs is currently offering an amazing Dealership opportunity!

Joining the Liquid Customs brand offers not only a strong income to your business, but lets you hit the ground running with North Americas largest and longest standing Hydrographics Company. Providing full support, the whole way.

Water Transfer Printing is all we do, and since 2011 we have been mastering the technique. Liquid Customs had been planning to branch out for a while, finally in Mid-2016 we did. This opportunity could be exactly what your business needs.

Liquid Customs has its own line of products, meaning we are your one stop shop for all things Hydrographics. Our support and marketing team will work closely with you to make sure your location is yet another Liquid Customs Success story.

With that in mind, this very limited opportunity is the chance to buy into North America's #1 Hydrographic Company. We validate potential outlets to ensure we maintain this strong brand and quality, but even more so we are protecting the business owner’s that have already bought in. What are you waiting for? Call/Email today!

Training New Hydrographic Professionals in Ontario

Liquid Customs Business Package Options

Option 1

Certified Liquid Customs Processor


8’ Stainless Steel Hydrographics Tank:

As leaders in this industries we have designed industry leading tanks custom built for our processors!

Training and Trade Secrets:

Your most important week, invaluable to the success of your business. You are getting trained by the people that have been doing Hydrographics the longest in Canada! This Full week of training at Liquid Customs will be a positive and most unforgettable experiance. (Lunch/snacks provided)

Shop layout and integration:

Settings, best practices and all the best tips and tricks. You will also be leaving training with a box, yes a box full of supplies!

Continued Support and Supply Chain:

We’ve got your back, after training we don’t stop supporting you. We will be doing behind the scene marketing, and advertising bringing more work right to your door.

If you want some marketing done in your city or specific region, we have all the marketing material needed to get that done! Liquid Custom’s online store lets you buy all your hydrographic supplies and at Canadian pricing!

Start-up Package:

Over and above you will be leaving training with a box full of goodies, film and Liquivator that will last for months!

Liquid Customs Website:

Our webmasters are on standby, waiting for your location details. Listing your location details on Canada’s #1 Hydrographics Company as a Liquid Customs Certified Processor!

Option 2

The Start-up Package

$9,000 - $18,000

Stainless Steel Hydrographics Tank:

As leaders in this industries we Custom build tanks of any size from 4ft to 8ft.

Continued Support and Supply Chain:

We’ve got your back here too, full support on all of our products sold and we will remain your one stop shop for all things Hydrographics.

Liquid Custom’s online store lets you buy all your hydrographic supplies and at Canadian pricing!

Start-up Package:

We are a licenced body shop distributor, all things auto body we sell. From paint guns, sand paper, paint, clear coat, even paint masks and suits. You name it!

Start Hydro-Dipping today.
Email us @ and we can quote you the perfect Start-Up Package!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrographics uses Paint/Body Shop Equipment, Paint booth, Air Makeup, Compressor, Paint Guns, Sanding/prep tools.
Some of our processors hire a full time painter or even outsource the painting. Painting experience definitely helps but is something more training can cover for you. We recommend body shop experience.
Of course! Hydrographics are an amazing start up business, and are an even better addition to existing businesses.
Of course! Infact we set you up with all our vendors at our current rates, we have made lots of friends over the years and you are getting all that. Although, buying from us is going to be less expensive, quicker and will ultimately support the company you just bought into.
In-house financing is an option, generally with 40-60% down.
Liquid Customs is not a franchise, joining us would be joining our family, we have mastered techniques and found the exact products to use to make us as successful as we are today.
When you join us, you are taken under our wing and driven to that same success. We work directly with you and make sure you are 100% confident before taking on any jobs.
Everything from our training down to our products will instantly set you apart from any competition.
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